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Friday, December 23, 2016

What's a-Musing About Cruising?

 …When the captain of one of the world’s largest ships imitates the acrobat coming on stage next.

…When the captain of another huge ship drives its little tender into a port to passengers’ applause.

…When water sloshing around a pool one windy day causes someone to say, “I didn’t know this ship had a wave pool.”

…When an elderly woman grips the arm of her son, saying, “I must be getting old; I’m feeling so unsteady.” “Ma,” says her son. “The seas are six feet—everyone’s feeling unsteady.”

…When you can’t understand why your sea card isn’t opening your door—until you discover you’ve got the wrong stateroom.

...When, during the “Newlywed” takeoff, a husband says the most unusual place he and wife “did it” was in a casket at a funeral home.

…When my cruise companion, who shrinks in horror from the spotlight, thinks he’s far enough from the stage to avoid the comedian’s eye…and then finds out he isn’t!

When there’s a bear in my coffee and a monkey in my room

... Drinks are a-blinking in colored lights

...Balloons drop for people to pop

...Kids in bow tie and teens in tie-dye

...A guy in a kilt, women dressed to the hilt

...The crowd going wild for “YMCA,” the Love Boat “crew” dancing disco today, Ft. Lauderdale beachgoers waving us away…

In fact, there’s a lot that’s a-Musing About Cruising. Don’t you think?

Happy holidays, happy cruising and see you in 2017!