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Saturday, February 22, 2014

How to Convince Your Spouse (or Family or Friend) to Take a Cruise

It can be really frustrating when you’re itching to try a cruise, but your spouse keeps putting up roadblocks. And with every bad news story, that roadblock gets taller and wider.

For a veteran cruiser, it can be maddening when you can’t get your family member or friend to try one. It’s kind of like having a favorite food that no one else will taste.
I’ve been there. I’ve done my share of coaxing, cajoling and arm-twisting. Sometimes it’s worked. Sometimes, it hasn’t. In any event, here are my very best suggestions for getting that special someone to try something we just know they’re going to like. If only…
Find out what excites them and zero in on it. For an active person, play up the rock climbing walls,
Rock climbing on the Allure of the Seas
zip lining and surf-maker on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class ships. The catamaran, parasailing or scuba diving excursions in the Caribbean islands. Entice gamblers with visions of roulette tables at sea. Tempt people who want to be pampered with menus of massages
Allure's Solarium
Appeal to all the senses. My spouse and I talked about cruising for years before trying it. Behind our procrastination was fear—we really had no idea what it was like. After all, it’s not like you can just walk onto a cruise ship, take a look around, say thank you and be on your way. And photos don’t really do it. Video helps because it involves more of the senses; it allows you to feel the excitement in a way that photos just can’t
So, find a documentary on cruising. You can rent one from your local library or see if the Travel Channel is airing one. Visit the cruise line websites for video clips and 360-degree views. Here’s a video on the Oasis class ships. Also, check out YouTube; it’s got a treasure trove of clips cruisers have posted from their trips
Let them hear someone else’s voice other than your own. The person you may trying to convince may be tuning you out at this point. If you know someone else who’s a cruise enthusiast, recruit him/her to help. Does your spouse/family/friend have a newspaper or magazine he/she regularly reads and trusts? Find an article on cruising from this source and share it, such as this one from The New York Times
Show them the cost. In the end, many things come down to cost. And this is where you can get some of your best ammunition. Break down a typical vacation to calculate the daily cost. Do the same for a cruise. Here’s one tool you can use

If none of these strategies work, don’t despair. It’s always possible some of this has gotten through and then when you least expect it, your spouse/family/friend has jumped onboard!