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Friday, December 4, 2015

The Weird, the Cute and the Funny of Holidaying at Sea

There’s no doubt about it: the holidays bring out our fun and funky side. Cashiers in fuzzy antlers. Blown-up lawn Santas bobbing in the breeze. Mistletoe hung where you can see.
This playful side comes along for the ride when we cruise, too. Here, for your amusement, are some of the weird, cute and funny things we’ve seen on past trips:
Just Plain Weird

Pilgrims on parade. On the Celebrity Constellation, some of the crew dressed as pilgrims and aimlessly wandered around the pool deck, doling out “Happy Thanksgivings” to oblivious lotion-lathered sun bathers.

A turkey of a greeting. Holland America’s Noordam apparently thought if a turkey was good enough to eat, it was good enough to greet. The ship mounted a fully cooked turkey—in all its winged and legged glory—on a pedestal at the MDR entrance, beneath a “Happy Thanksgiving” banner.
Cute and Made for the Camera

The girl and the manger. Mostly, Christmas decorations in the islands have a surreal look, with garlands and ornaments competing with hibiscus and bougainville. But one scene in Oranjestad, Auba took us completely by surprise as the little one (photo, right) posed for her mother’s tablet and we snuck out a camera of our own.
Even the cactus got dressed. With evergreens scarce along the Caribbean shore, one Bonaire family improvised—with eye-catching results. We use this photo (below) for December each year in our homemade calendars (see What to do With Those Cruise Trip Photos).

Funny Then and Still Funny Now

Santa yesterday, today and tomorrow. This one falls in the there’s-always-one-in-every-crowd category. On one pre-Christmas trip on Allure of the Seas, an elderly, white-bearded, pot-bellied man used his looks ad nauseam. He showed up every day of that seven-day trip in a red stocking hat. Wonder how many times he was asked, “Where did you leave Rudolf?”
Sparkle and Sizzle
Pretty. Festive. During the holidays, the ships sparkle like never before. There are massive Christmas trees brimming with colored balls on the Allure’s Promenade, lighted garlands lining the Caribbean Princess’ piazza, poinsettias climbing the Grand Staircase on the Constellation. The Constellation fills a common area with a huge gingerbread village. Stateroom doors brim with bows and baubles. And best of all, everyone’s in the mood for a party!