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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Don't Leave it Behind

One of the things I love about cruising is that it’s not flying. No luggage restrictions!

Anyone who’s agonized about what to take on a trip will appreciate this. Can’t decide between the blue blouse or the red one? Take both! Can’t fit your pillow into the suitcase? Take a bigger one!

That you can take whatever you can fit into your cabin means you can get creative. You can take those extra things that will make your stay in your little cubbyhole that much more tolerable.

Here’s my list of must-haves, accumulated over the years:

·       Oversized digital clock with alarm—For whatever reason, the cabins have no clock. If you want to make that Pilates class at 7 a.m., this will be nice to have around. And a big one can be seen from nearly anywhere in the cabin (sad, isn’t it?)
·       Hanging organizer—Mind you, there are some cabins where this won’t work because the closets are too small. But Princess ship closets are bigger than the one I have at home and easily accommodate an organizer. As a matter of fact, we take two. I use mine for shoes but my spouse uses it for his seemingly endless supply of electronic paraphernalia

·       Noise machine—If you’re in the disco until 2 a.m., you might want one of these to be able to sleep through the kids running down the hallways or people heading for the pool as the sun’s coming up

·       “Duck” tape—I get teased for continuing my error (but there actually is such a thing), but the it-will-do-everything tape comes in handy to close blinds when you want to nap, fix holes in suitcases that weren’t there before boarding, and have been known to keep up a hem or two

·       White board—Spouse is still asleep when you go off to that Pilates class? Let him know where you’re going where he can’t miss it

·       Walkie-talkies—These are invaluable when you and your traveling companions want to go your separate ways. Just be sure you know their range before you buy
Have anything to add to this list? Do share!