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Friday, August 23, 2013

The Great Sea Smoke Out

There’s a sea change under way over the ocean. Like a long and slow drag, smoking on cruise ships is drifting away.
Within the last few weeks, Disney and Cunard became the latest to ban smoking from balconies.

All I can say is that it’s about time. All it takes is one person smoking next door to make you wonder why you bothered to spend the extra money for that verandah.
Smoking is still allowed in cabins on some cruise lines. Others restrict it to a few public areas and outdoor spots (ironically, often near the jogging track).
I understand the reluctance of the cruise lines to ban it completely. Cruises do attract the sedentary and let’s face it, that’s where you’ll often find the smokers.

Just a quick visit to a ship casino and you’ll see what I mean. Interestingly, Princess has been doing something innovative with its smoking policy. On the Caribbean Princess a few months ago, we were surprised to see that some nights in the casino were designated smoke-free. We could actually get past the slots to the theater without wishing we had worn an oxygen mask.
If the other cruise lines follow suit, we’ll all breathe easier.