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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Why You Should Do Your Own Research

On our recent cruise in the eastern Caribbean, in the crowded cafeteria, we ended up sharing a table at lunch with an elderly couple we didn’t know. We struck up a conversation and eventually, it turned to the ports. “Do you know anything about Dominica?” the woman asked. “Someone told us not to get off the ship because it’s too dangerous.”
The harbor of Roseau, Dominica

I was speechless, which, believe me, doesn’t happen too often. Roseau, Dominica is one of our favorite ports, I replied when I found my voice. And then I extolled the virtues of the island—its  compact harbor tightly framed by lush green mountains, generous display of colorful tropical foliage throughout the capital city and the array of earthy locally made baskets for sale. Not to mention the free wi-fi from the nearby public library…

Sold by vendors along the pier
When we got to Dominica, my spouse and I left the pier to begin our usual jaunt up and down the hilly streets. Before we had walked more than a few blocks, we bumped into the same couple. They breathlessly told us about a little museum they discovered where they learned about the island’s culture and history. And they marveled at how they had this little gem completely to themselves.
The woman paused, looked at me and then added, “You know, you were right about Dominica. Next time we take a trip, I’m going to get a book and do my own research.”